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About Us

East Asia Whisky Company is an exclusive independent bottling company. Our approach to product development is based on understatement, exclusivity, and attention to the finer details. Our product portfolio of releases includes blue chip distilleries including Macallan, Bowmore, Springbank, Chichibu and Caroni. 

We are the only independent bottler who has released various successful Mizunara Cask releases from the above distilleries that have achieved higher prices that same vintage original bottlings. 

We also have a vast array of Japanese Vintage Single Cask Bottlings from Chichibu, Hakushu, Karuizawa, Nikka, and Yamazaki that we are able to offer to our key clients. Our vast network further allows us to access all new releases as well as old stocks of long forgotten releases both in the Scotch, Rum, and Japanese Whisky world. 


If you are you looking for a bespoke barrel, planning an even, investment opportunities or maybe that special bottle for a special someone, we are more than happy to support. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly:

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