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The Yokai Series of Springbank

A journey in craft

Springbank has been the rising star of the premium scotch whisky market for the last 3 years. During this time, East Asia Whisky anticipated the potential of this distillery due to its artisanal qualities and dedication to the handcrafted process that makes this spirit so special. 

GC Bxs.jpeg
GC Bxs.jpeg

The Yurei (Ghost) Cat

This Single Malt Scotch Whisky was distilled in November of 1995 at the Springbank Distillery and then aged for over 25 years in a first fill Rum hogshead. The resulting spirit was deemed extraordinary to the extent that the team behind East Asia Whisky Company decided to launch a new Collection: The “Yokai”  Series – a collection of mythical creatures from Japanese folklore celebrating extraordinary achievements of select distilleries, starting with the Springbank distillery across exotic cask types and finishes. Only whiskies with a bouquet of flavours that manage to convince our panel to score a point score of 90 or above are selected for this exclusive and highly coveted and collectable series.

Parallel Lines


Using only the finest FSC® and Rainforest Alliance certified wood, this release comes with a custom gift box and presentation case that was designed with laser-etched Tiger body using only ghostly silver stripes to depict its silhouette, perching in a bamboo forest. The laser etching was calibrated to the perfect temperature and speed such that the naturally light wood burns into a dark char. The box is fitted with neodymium magnets and a pulley-ring to operate the sliding mechanism. The side of the box is also engraved with cloud and bamboo patterns.

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