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The Full Story

A tale of oak & fire

A crimson liquid adorned with a golden dragon donning a traditional Japanese pattern instead of the usual fish scales. This is the Asanoha dragon, a Springbank Whisky aged in a first fill Olorosos sherry cask only to be finished to perfection in a Madeira cask. The perfect counterweight to the previous Ghost Cat Rum Cask.


Sherry Madeira| Asanoha Dragon

This Single Malt Scotch Whisky was distilled in November of 1996 at the Springbank Distillery and then aged for over 20 years in a first fill oloroso sherry hogshead. It was then finished in a Madeira Single Cask and bottled at 48.8% ABV. The resulting spirit was deemed extraordinary to the extent that the team behind East Asia Whisky Company decided to launch a new Collection: The “Yokai”  Series – a collection of mythical creatures from Japanese folklore celebrating extraordinary achievements of select distilleries, starting with the Springbank distillery across exotic cask types and finishes. Only whiskies with a bouquet of flavours that manage to convince our panel to score a point score of 90 or above are selected for this exclusive and highly coveted and collectable series.

Charred Oak

Using only the finest FSC® certified wood, this release comes with a custom gift box and presentation oak case that was designed with laser-etched Dragon body with Asanoha pattern scales, perching in the clouds. The laser etching was calibrated to the perfect temperature and speed such that the naturally light wood burns into a dark char. The box is fitted with neodymium magnets and a pulley-ring to operate the sliding mechanism. The side of the box is also engraved with cloud patterns.

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