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Chichibu Japan Warrior Series No. 1

Japanese Single Cask Whisky
ABV: 61,3% | Vol: 70CLe | Cask #: 7833

The first part of the much anticipated single cask Chichibu Japan Warrior Series. This expression was distilled in 2009 and matured in a sherry puncheon until the summer of 2013, before being transferred to a white wine cask where it matured until 2017. Upon its release it sold out within minutes and has since achieved numerous notable mentions, such as "most notable Japanese Whisky release of 2017" by George Koutsakis.


Bottle Details

Vintage:   2009
Bottled:  2017
Cask:  #2369
ABV:   61,9%
Volume:  700ml
Bottles:  256
Type:  Fino/Wine

The Chichibu Warrior Series

The Warrior Series is a distinctively Japanese Whisky Series made for the German market. Based on the theme of the Samurai Warrior, this release was met by great popularity as fans across the world were clambering to obtain a bottle of this much anticipated release. WIth the teams of and East Asia Whisky Company behind its creation, you can be sure to expect some very exciting releases yet to come…

Japanese Whisky
With A Western Touch

The liquid was re-racked into a white wine cask from one of the most prestigious wine producers in France. After 4 years of finishi, this whisky combines the most prominent characteristics sherry and wine.


The Chichibu Distillery

The distillery was founded in 2004 by Ichiro Akuto, the grandson of the founder or the famous Hanyu distillery. Ichiro spent several years in preparation prior to opening the distillery, including working at the renowned Karuizawa distillery before its demolition. The Chichibu distillery has been operational since 2008, and at the time of its opening it was the first new distillery in Japan since 1973. It is named after the city of its location in Saitama prefecture, Japan.

How to Order

The Chichibu Warrior no.1 is a limited release.

Please contact us below for availability

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