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Fine & Rare Brokerage

Since the rise of Japanese whisky in 2015, when Jim Murray coined the Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2013 the World's Best Whisky, it has become an investment grade stock, with rare bottles fetching as much as US$340,000 on auction. While this my not be in most peoples budget, there are plenty of other examples of how Japanese whisky has made its owners a pretty penny. East Asia Whisky Company specialises in identifying those bottles with the potential for greatness. We then support our clients with procurement, logistics, and general brokerage services leading up to potential liquidation if so desired. Below you can see a selection of our stock. If you are looking for something in particular, please contact us below and we will gladly help you with your search.

The House of Suntory

Famous for its soft and clean expressions of spirit, the house of Suntory is renowned for the oldest distillery in Japan: Yamazaki. It also has gained considerable traction with the creation of its infamous blend: Hibiki, a delicate and floral composition of whiskies from Yamazaki but also the younger, smokier Hakushu Distillery and the newest addition to its portfolio, the mellow Chita grain Distillery. 

East Asia Whisky Company has specialized in all rare Suntory products, especially the highly sought after single casks.  

Karuizawa Murasaki.jpg

Karuizawa Distillery 

Japan's legendary "Ghost" Distillery, was established in 1955 in the foothills of Mount Asama, an active volcano 850m above sea level, as the highest distillery in Japan. The climatic characteristics, coupled with the select casks Karuizawa used, produced a whisky of supreme quality that was ahead of its time. Known as the Macallan of Japan, it has taken the collecting world by storm, rising to the pinnacle of collectable whisky. 

East Asia Whisky Company has amassed considerable stocks of Karuizawa Single Cask releases  and can assist its clients in hunting down that rare gem to complete their collection. 

Hanyu Distillery

The Hanyu distillery has come to worldwide fame through the infamous “Card Series” Collection, which has recently hit the $1mn mark. The distillery was founded back in 1941 by Isouji Akuto and mothballed in 2000 due to unfavorable market conditions. 

East Asia Whisky has selectively picked what we believe to be the most collectable cards of the lot. 

Heatr 10.jpg

Chichibu Distillery

Chichibu was founded by Ichiro Akuto, who continued his family’s legacy of whisky making but in his own image. In 2017 his Matsuri release put Chichibu Whisky on the global map, securing his legacy in the Japanese Whisky arena.


East Asia Whisky Company was proudly involved in the release of the Chichibu Japan Warrior Series No. 1 and specializes in the rare Matsuri Series Single Casks..

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