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Custom Bottling

Producing extraordinary whiskies is our mission and vision. Through dedicated relationships with distilleries, warehouses, and barrel owners we source and handpick barrels with a great story and phenomenal flavours

Macallan 1988 Mizunara

Our debut project has taken innovation in Whisky to an unprecedented level by creating the collector's ultimate dream. We have gone ahead and created the first Macallan Single Cask Whisky ever to be matured in Japanese Mizunara Oak. Distilled in 1988 and Bottled in 2019, this unique bottling will mark the first of its kind, packaged in hand-engraved crystal decanters with only 50 bottles available globally.

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Macallan 1989 Mizunara

This Single Malt Scotch Whisky was distilled in June of 1989 at the Macallan Distillery and then aged for 30 years in an ex-Bourbon cask. In 2019 the whisky was filled into a Japanese Oak Cask made of Mizunara grown for over 200 years in the pristine forests of Hokkaido. Here, due to the long and cold winters, the trees grow slower, resulting in a tighter grain ideal for whisky maturation. Mizunara’s porosity and hardness, however, make finishing as rare a whisky as this 1989 Macallan a bold endeavour. The resulting spirit is, the first of its kind and a unique piece of whisky history.


After aging for over 30 years, the spirit was reracked to spend the remainder of its maturation in carefully selected Mizunara wood that had aged over 200 years... An endeavor that to this day has never been undertaken, simply due to the risks and uncertainties around flavour and leakage. Supported by a team of experts from Scotland who carefully monitored the whisky along every step of its maturation, we waited for the perfect moment in time where the marriage between this legendary spirit and the mysterious Mizunara Oak yielded an outcome with the perfect balance of Scottish Highland Single Malt Whisky character and Japanese Oak influence. Packaged in Marine Grade Teak from Costa Rica with full FSC certification, this is a true collectors item. 

Chichibu Japan Warrior Series No. 1

Our first project was the Chichibu Japan Warrior Series No. 1. An 8 year old Sherry Single Cask that spent 4 years of its life maturing in a white wine cask. Upon its release is sold out within minutes and has since achieved numerous notable mentions, such as "most notable Japanese Whisky release of 2017" by George Koutsakis. It continuously sells as one of the most expensive Chichibu on auction. 

Chichibu Warrior no.1.jpg

The Macallan 1986 Relic

The Relic was aged for 33 years before bottling. It's box is a marevl of details, creating a true luxury good. It is FSC certified Cocobolo Rosewood and engraved in Celtic runes detailing the story of this particular malt. 

Developed for a private customer, this release is bound to break records at auctions in the years to come.

The Tortuga No.1

The Tortuga No.1 is our first Rum release. It pays homage to the now defunct distillery Caroni that closed in 2002. It has the typical heavy Trinindad Rum profile, and at 21 years old and 66.7% ABV it is a bottle every Rum connoisseur should have in their collection.

The Tortuga No.1 is also our first partnership with The Sea Turtle Conservancy, the oldest sea turtle research and conservation group that works tirelessly to prevent sea turtles from disappearing.


The Tortuga No.2

Straight off the success of the Tortuga No.1 Rum, selling out within weeks of release, comes another strong contender to the most complex Caroni release in recent years - The Tortuga No. 2​

The Tortuga No.2 continues our partnership with The Sea Turtle Conservancy, the oldest sea turtle research and conservation group that works tirelessly to prevent sea turtles from disappearing.

Are you interested to learn what we might be planning next? Or maybe keen to learn about project investment opportunities? Please reach out below and we'd be happy to discuss your interests further

The Springbank Yokai Series

A unique series across exotic cask types that explores the spirit characteristics and the impacts of different cask types over time. Beautifully crafted in the U.K. from various different wood types, this series is a must have for the discerning Springbank collector.

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