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Our Sustainability Policy

At East Asia Whisky Co. we recognise the impact that business and humanity have on the environment we operate and live in. We firmly believe in leaving no footprint and giving back what we take. As such, East Asia Whisky Company has structured its supply chain to empower its clients to have a net positive environmental impact on the environment as they go about their passion for all things whisky. We redefine the concept of drinking responsibly as we reforest, conserve, and close the loop through the sale of fine and rare spirits. Our sustainability policy is based upon on the following 3 principles:

Reforestation Policy:

We ensure that all our initiatives and endeavours support reforestation in countries that are part of our supply chain (e.g. Costa Rica, Nicaragua etc.).

Zero Plastic Policy:

All our products are packaged using 100% recyclable materials (wood, glass, paper etc.)

Closed Loop Policy:

When dealing with any materials that potentially are to be discarded after their useful life, we ensure that these are fully biodegradable. In the event they are not, we reuse in order to not discard in a wasteful manner (e.g. bubblewrap for packaging) ​

Picture From Our FSC Certified Wood Plantation

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