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Why we partnered with The Sea Turtle Conservancy for our first Rum release

When we decided to do our first rum we knew that it had to be something impactful and in line with our credo of sustainability. But what cause would be in line with the origins of Rum? To answer this, we embarked on a journey through the birth places of rum to understand what defines these lands and the indigenous characteristics and inhabitants within them. This is when came to learn about the important yet endangered role of the sea-turtle in these delicate ecosystems.

When we learned of The Sea Turtle Conservancy, and their legacy, we instantly knew that if we did release a bottle to support our newly found Spirit Animal, they would be the right partner.

*Activity conducted under FWC Permit #118 and NMFS Permit #21327

The result this collaboration is the extraordinary Caroni Tortuga Edition No.1 – limited to 208 bottles. Each bottle aims to raise awareness and funds for the work of The Sea Turtle Conservancy, with 10% of all sales going directly to protecting sea turtles. One of their important initiatives is studying and protecting sea turtles that congregate in coastal waters along the northern Gulf of Mexico. Through cutting edge research and targeted public outreach, STC is ensuring that this important turtle population continues to recover. You can learn more about this important work at:

If you are interested in supporting this cause by owning your own bottle, please visit our website to learn more or contact us at –

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